Technical - Quality – Logistic activity support

Visit customer engineering, support them with technical information, collect questions and feedbacks to be reported, learn about any quality or technical issue.

Contact to SQE engineers who perform activities to approve your production processes.

We can represent your first back-up solution whenever sudden issues may occur at your customer operations and can be immediately available to give a picture of the circumstance to be reported to your quality engineer’s teams.

In the same way we can be available to find solutions with your customer’s logistics when possible emergencies or forecast deviations occur.

Provide you samples of your competitors if required. We can identify engineering staff and / or design studios to follow up locally small issues, drawings fine tunings to follow up rapidly and locally your customer, avoiding extra travels for your engineers.

We can scout market to identify partners to build supply chain and just in time services to your customers and representing you in establishing contacts and start up an organization.